Step into a safe, confidential space to relax the body, soothe the subconscious mind and rewire some of those uncomfortable trigger responses.

You are worthy. You are enough.



Imagine how good you can feel when you can just let go of the stress and those limiting beliefs!

You have the ability to address incorrect beliefs and outdated concepts that the mind holds on to.

You have the ability to rewire some of the responses your mind creates when it feels vulnerable and at risk. 

Understanding who you are and what you are capable of, is immensely important in life and in your relationships with others.

A sense of self is not only the persona you project to the outside world, but it is also the identity you believe about yourself. It allows you to understand who you are and be ok with it.



... but it is ok to not feel ok right now!

It is your birth right to feel safe and be comfortable within yourself. To be at peace. To be joyful and confident.

It is your spiritual quest to experience your full potential, to re-create who you believe you are and to be the highest expression of your spiritual truth.

Allow me to support you on a journey to relax, to tap into your inner resources, your inner wisdom and your amazing ability to change things.

If you are not feeling ok right now, well done for getting this far and for reading this now.

You don’t have to do this alone.



You are able to stop. To relax. To let go. 

Free to be.

Feels good, right?

Well, you're worth it, and you deserve it!



I help adults from all walks of life to tune into their inner resources to relax, balance and reconnect with themselves, to enable them to address dysfunctional stress, an unhealthy sense of self and inner belief system.

Happy Girl


Are you struggling with low self-confidence, self-esteem or self-worth? Do you wish you could shift that feeling of not being enough and replace it with a healthy sense of who you are?


Meditation is a relaxed, measurable state of mind, quiet mindful focus and awareness. It is a mental exercise in introspection and observation.

Closed Eye


The chakra system is our "interface" that connects your physical body to your spiritual energy and essence. Stress, worry and general daily life can affect the health of our chakra system, leaving you depleted of vital life force.


Hypnosis and BWRT® can be used successfully in a variety of other situations, including stress and relaxation, anxiety, low mood and more. Contact me so that we can see how I may be able to help you.



Hi! I'm Ryno :)

I help adults from all walks of life to tune into their inner resources to relax, balance and reconnect with themselves, to enable them to address dysfunctional stress, an unhealthy sense of self and inner belief system.

As an LGBT+ community member and a trained therapist, I understand the challenges and debilitating emotional pain that issues around a healthy sense of self can cause. I have a deep understanding of how this sense of “less than” can affect every aspect of our lives, and also how every aspect of our lives can impact how we feel about ourselves.

As an ex corporate worker and a fellow human being with first-hand experience, I know how stress ( from any part of life) can lead to dysfunctional stress and burn-out (in any part of life).

As an energy worker I know that fixing symptoms and doing “easy” work on our personal growth and self-healing are not always sufficient. We need to look at things holistically, question and challenge our beliefs, look under the surface, turn to the shadow and allow a deep inner connection to our higher spiritual selves.



What to expect

I am an LGBT+ inclusive holistic wellbeing practitioner providing a safe and confidential space to explore how the subconscious mind (the thing that controls everything we do), the “reptilian complex” (the database that stores everything and responds to everything to keep us safe) and the subtle Chakra energy system (the interface we use to connect to physical and spiritual energy) affects us and is affected by our engagement in life.

My holistic approach focusses on relaxing into the present, exploring and healing the past, and stepping into a re-imagined future to enjoy wellness in body, mind and spirit utilising Hypnosis, Meditation, BrainWorking Recursive Therapy® and Chakra Energy Healing.

During our time together I will facilitate a process for you to tap into those inner resources; to relax the physical body and connect with your higher self and to soothe the subconscious mind, to rewire some of the unpleasant trigger responses that we feel when the subconscious mind and reptilian complex kicks off and to heal the energy body.


“...his caring manner, desire to truly help his clients towards that which matters most to them and his ability to combine an almost spiritual warmth alongside his professional clinical training, make Ryno a treasure in the world of therapists."


Advanced Member of the Terence Watts BWRT Institute


Registered Practitioner