I am an inclusive LGBT+ practitioner for adults

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We are so much more than our bodies, our thoughts and feelings.

We are influenced by our environment and experiences every second of the day. Moment by moment our subconscious records, checks, matches and responds to millions of stimuli that we pick up via our senses. Of course our past experiences (whether we remember them or not) also influence this, along with more subtle processes like vibrations of numbers, planets and stars, what we brought into this life (yes, I mean from a past life) and what we have agreed with our soul to experience and remember in this life.


“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease”


Rock Balancing

Move to a place of well-being, empowerment and improvement.
Will you join me?


A journey into self and spirit

The bridge is a metaphor for the time that has elapsed between the past (or past life) and the present, and between the present and what we are planning for the future. It symbolises the process we follow between where we were, where we are now, and where we want to be. The bridge is the healing between past hurts and future empowerment. The bridge is the journey between what we know consciously, right now, and the more sacred spirituality that our soul yearns for. It is a metaphor for growth, be it in mental or emotional health, personal development or a deeper spiritual understanding, or being. The bridge can be sturdy with strong structures, or it can feel a bit more like a rope bridge, sometimes with planks missing and gaps on the side! Can you identify bridges like this in your life?


About Me

Hi there beautiful person - I'm Ryno.

I was born in the the sunny southern African country of Namibia but now live in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom with my gorgeous cat Rosie and guinea pig Monti after I moved here in 2002.

In my earlier life I worked as a finance administrator, an insurance broker, I studied Hotel Management and worked as a Banqueting and Conference Manager as well as Event Manager. Throughout all of this, something was missing. 

My yearning for something deeper took me an on a journey that started with meditation and quickly led to a very keen interest in energy, healing and a strong connection to the magical energy of our planet and universe.

In the late 90s while I was doing some spiritual studies, I was told by my very insightful teacher that I am a bridge walker. I was told that means I will guide others across the bridge into other areas of understanding and being. I did not really get it at that stage, but I see it clearly now.

Natural Waterfall

"Ryno is such a wonderful individual.  As a student of Milton Keynes School of Clinical Hypnosis, his ethical manner, warmth and insightfulness shone through from the moment he joined the class.  Training with us is tough.  We expect a high standard of all our students and Ryno more than exceeded those high standards. Having now supported Ryno as his supervisor (a requirement for all Professional Clinical Hypnotherapists) for some time now I'm happy to say his caring manner, desire to truly help his clients towards that which matters most to them and his ability to combine an almost spiritual warmth alongside his professional clinical training, make Ryno a treasure in the world of therapists."


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Are you looking for a more holistic approach to your health or simply want to feel restored and rebalanced? Get in touch to book a consultation.

BridgeWalker is a wellbeing service operated by Ryno Nel, trading as Therapy Milton Keynes.

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