Do you dream of loving the life you’re in?

Sick of pretending, putting on a mask, or feeling isolated in a connected world?

Hey there beautiful soul!

How are you feeling? Are you struggling with your mood, stress, and tension weighing you down, or anxiety stealing your breath?

Are you tired of pretending to be someone you’re not, but are not sure how to show up as your true self?

Do you want more, know you’re meant for more, crave something different for your life?

Are you ready to do the work, make some changes and enjoy the benefits of living differently?


Want to try a different approach to changing how you feel?

Are you ready to live differently?

I’m Ryno and I’m a therapist, but I’m not here to fix you because you’re not broken!

You are unique, you have a beautiful soul, you’re here to do great things. You’re meant to shine.

I’m here to help you on that journey. To help you live more lucidly. Feel more connected, self-aware, positive, empowered. To enable you to feel connected to something bigger. To help you feel confident to live your life unapologetically.

Whether you are stuck in a rut, feeling challenged because of your LGBTQIA+ identity, or even if you’ve felt this way for a while and are not sure you can ever feel differently, working with me can help.

I offer a range of services and can use a mixture of these, alongside coaching, to help you live lucidly and carve out a place in the world, where you feel like you fit perfectly.

I know getting help and support can be scary, so it all starts with a free 30-minute consultation. I can tell you more about what I do and you can explain what’s brought you here, looking for help.

Click the link below and let’s get started.


Where are you right now? Where do you want to go? What do you need to change to make that happen? And how can I help you make that journey easier?

Your free consultation will help you understand the answers to those questions and help you hatch a plan of how to make it happen.

Don’t let the world dull your sparkle. You are made of stardust and you deserve to live a happy, fulfilled life, living it the way you want.

You just need to decide that you’re ready to start living it.


We are all unique, amazing beings, who have a magical connection to the energy of the planet and the universe.

Sometimes, life, situations, experiences, and even people can stand in the way of that connection. I use my therapy training and my holistic beliefs to help you reconnect and find your sparkle again.


"Ooooh that voice just melts away the stress!"