Welcome to my mp3 downloads page!

The below audio tracks are for personal use only. Editing, sharing and redistribution are not allowed.

Please ensure that you listen to the "Listen to me First!" recording below prior to downloading or purchasing any tracks.


Cost: £9.99
Duration: 30 minutes


The BodyScan recording has been designed to assist with focussing your mind on the body in the present moment. This meditative relaxation session will assist with tuning into how your body feels and assists with progressive relaxation.

Cost: £9.99
Duration: 30 minutes

Rainbow Bridge is a gentle and relaxing hypnotic sequence that can also be the starting point of your own self-hypnosis journey! Relax into beautiful healing colours and embrace your inner rainbow!


Prices starting at £9.99


I am in the process of finalising more recordings. Stay up to date by adding your name to my mailing list.


Trouble with downloads?

After payment is collected, you will be redirected to a file located in Google Drive. From there you will be able to download the file using the download icon or menu option. It is suggested that you DOWNLOAD the file rather than STREAM, as future changes will affect your access to the file. 

All files are mp3 format.

Any issues, please let me know! Enjoy! :)