• Ryno


"It feels like this is working so much faster than other things I have tried"

"You are really good at what you do"

"You're an amazing therapist"

​"I should have done this ages ago"

"You are a star amongst therapists"

​"The hypnotherapy experience was awesome ….. I felt so relaxed and Ryno’s voice was just so soothing.  For the first time in such a long time my mind and my body became quiet and at ease, so that I was able to see me as I really was ….and as how I wanted to be …. so that I was able to think clearly and objectively.  Thank you Ryno for guiding me and accompanying me on my journey of self-discovery and change."

"Ryno is such a wonderful individual. As a student of Milton Keynes School of Clinical Hypnosis, his ethical manner, warmth and insightfulness shone through from the moment he joined the class. Training with us is tough. We expect a high standard of all our students and Ryno more than exceeded those high standards. I'm happy to say his caring manner, desire to truly help his clients towards that which matters most to them and his ability to combine an almost spiritual warmth alongside his professional clinical training, make Ryno a treasure in the world of therapists."
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